Middle Rogue River Report

Rogue River - Middle - Grants Pass, OR (Josephine County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

ODFW monitoring in the lower river has shown Chinook movement the last few weeks.  These fish should be starting to show up in the Galice through Grants Pass area. Chinook fishing is open from Fishers Ferry downstream to Hog Creek through the month of September. Upstream of Fishers Ferry, all Chinook fishing is closed for the entire river.  

As of Sept. 1, the fly-only season is also in effect upstream of Fishers Ferry.  No bait or added weights or attachments can be on your line. Spin-casters can employ a bubble or similar floating device, and a fly; this can be a very effective set-up when fished with a good presentation.   

There are many BLM public access points to bank fish from Hog Creek to Graves Creek. This is often referred to the “Galice area.” You will have plenty of rafting traffic in this section of water this time of year.

Smoke is still very thick in the area, and anglers are reporting a lot of weeds as well.  However, recent reports indicate that half-pounder steelhead are showing in the Robertson Bridge area all the way down to Galice and Graves Creek. These can be very fun to fish with spinners or early morning fly swinging. They are a great beginner fishery, readily hitting small spinners tipped with a nightcrawler. Wild half-pounders may not be kept.

Salmon also are showing in the areas below Grants Pass.

Locally-owned and operated tackle stores in Grants Pass have excellent gear and very fresh bait that is specific to the Rogue and to your particular technique. Go check them out and offer them support during this time.

It is illegal to snag and keep a snagged fish, whether it’s wild or hatchery!  Report violations to Oregon State Police by calling *OSP.

As of Wednesday morning, the flow in Grants Pass was approximately 1140 cfs, temperatures in the high 50s, turbidity at 2 NTU. For those interested in checking conditions before getting on the river, the City of Grants Pass Water Division’s website offers information on river conditions at Grants Pass as well as a link to a river camera. Anglers can check all the USGS gauging stations, which have the most current temperatures and river flows here.

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