Anglers Doing Well With Smallmouth Bass

Coquille River - Coquille, OR (Coos County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Anglers continue to do well harvesting smallmouth bass on the South Fork Coquille.  Smallmouth bass fishing on the upper Coquille River has slowed down a little this past week. Anglers are having the best success using a worm on a plain hook. There are no daily bag limits or length limits on bass in the Coquille River. 

Thanks to new temporary regulations in Coquille River system, anglers can now use bait, spears and spear guns to harvest smallmouth bass. This unique fishing opportunity is one of many efforts to reduce the impact of illegally introduced bass on Chinook populations.  

Some striped bass anglers continue to have success casting crankbaits on the lower Coquille River but overall fishing for striped bass has been spotty. A few striped bass have been reported in the river above the town of Coquille.  Anglers are trying several different techniques like fishing anchovies on the bottom of the river or by drifting and casting crankbaits. There are no daily bag limits or length limits on striped bass.    

Temporary wild fall Chinook regulations are in effect starting Aug. 1 for salmon anglers fishing in the Coquille Basin. The entire Coquille Basin is closed to retention of adult wild Chinook Aug 1 – Dec 31. Anglers may harvest hatchery Chinook but must fish downstream of Hwy 101 bridge or can angle from the bank in Randolph Slough between sign markers located at the West and East ends of the slough.  

Trout fishing in streams and rivers is open through October 31. Some anglers are reporting catching large sea-run cutthroat in the upper Coquille estuary.

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