Expect Rising River Over The Weekend

Illinois River - Cave Junction, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Expect rising river over the weekend. There may be little windows between storms when the river is plateauing or dropping. Fishing has been quite slow out here this year on the various creels. Fish are being caught when conditions are right, but success is low. The scenery is about as good as it gets though.

Wild steelhead may be harvested if they are over 24 inches long and caught between Klondike Creek and Fall Creek, or from 400 feet above Illinois Falls to Pomeroy Dam. Only 1 may be kept per day and 3 per calendar year, zone-wide. Additionally, it’s illegal to fish 200 feet below the fishway at Pomeroy Dam. The river and tributaries above Pomeroy are always closed to fishing.

There is good public bank access along 8 Dollar Rd. just north of Kerby, and Illinois River Rd. outside of Selma, all the way downstream to Miami Bar. Most anglers fish along the road, or choose to hike in at various trailheads along the river.

Check the USGS Kerby guage which provides up to date river flow information. Flows about 2500-1000 are pretty ideal conditions especially with a dropping river. This weekend’s low and clear flows will call for small natural looking presentations if drifting yarn balls or jigs under an indicator. You can always go bold too and throw a big ‘ol intruder and just might have it work out