Imnaha River Report

Imnaha River - Imnaha, OR (Wallowa County)


Observations of tagged steelhead moving into the Imnaha River have increased over the past few weeks, corresponding with a recent increase in flows. Steelhead are beginning to show up at hatchery facilities, indicating fish are spread throughout the fishery. River conditions are great for steelhead fishing, but according to creel surveys, catch rates have been quite variable.

Anglers should be aware that some construction/utility work is occurring on the lower Imnaha, and trucks will be on the road hauling equipment and materials. Anglers should use caution when traveling in the area.

The bag limit has been reduced to 2 hatchery steelhead per day through the end of April to ensure enough broodstock can be collected at hatchery facilities. Please remember that steelhead season closes on April 30.

Remember, if you catch a bull trout it must be released unharmed. Last updated 4/14/21.

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