Awesome Day on The Ocean

by Tradewinds Charters Staff
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A really good day of fishing Saturday morning with every boat in our fleet was out there possibly the last big day of the summer as things seem to slow down right after Labor Day.  There will be a few good days coming up with the salmon season opening back up next Friday hopefully for a 3-week run on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  

For today it was all about bottom fishing with questionably the nicest ocean day of the summer if not the year. The ocean was absolutely flat with no wind, warm  and lots of sunshine out there.  The deeper water boat caught lots of rockfish mostly Canary’s along with a good number of lingcod.  The shallow water boats also saw an increase in the rockfish bite along with some great looking Lingcod as you can see in the pictures included.

Crabbing was also excellent with a little bit of a guess averaging 5-8 crabs per person after they were divided up.

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