Warmwater fishing continues at Exp

Expo Pond - Central Point, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Warmwater fishing continues at Expo and should probably be picking up with the recent cooling temperatures. The most northern pond is probably the best bet for largemouth bass. There are still some trout down very deep in the middle Expo Pond, but don’t expect much trout success out here. Texas rigs with soft plastics have been producing well, as have spinner baits and crank baits in the morning. 

Bluegill are prolific and very close to the shore, especially along the deeper drop-offs.  A very small hook and piece of nightcrawler, or small fly under a bobber can be a very easy setup for young anglers to have success out here.

Daily trout and bass limit at Expo Pond is 5 fish per day of each species. 

Chinese mystery snails are present here in the most northern pond. Please do not move these creatures and drain and dry any personal watercraft before using them in another waterbody.