Zone regulations are back in place

Howard Prairie Reservoir - Ashland, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Emergency regulations are no longer in effect at Howard Prairie. Zone regulations are back in place, and size limits and daily bag limits apply. Forty thousand sub-legal rainbow trout were recently stocked in Howard Prairie. These fish should over winter and be of catchable size by next spring.

Small personal watercraft such as kayaks, canoe and float tubes are probably the best access for getting on the water near the dam. Trout appeared to have survived the summer’s warm temperatures. ODFW recently stocked fall fingerlings and anglers should be aware of these small non-legal-size fish. If handled with care, they will grow nicely over the winter. 

The reservoir is at 4 percent capacity and is slowly starting to rise. The forecast of a wet la Nina winter, if materializing, will help fill Howard as it is mainly filled by higher elevation rain, not snow. 

The Rogue Fish District is still interested in anglers catch composition, so there are trout stocked with differential fin marks representing different fish stocks. Anglers interested in reporting their catch or learning more about this program and what to look for, are encouraged to call 541-857-2411 and speak with the local STEP Biologist. Specifically, look for clips on ventral fins or adipose fins in your catch.

There is a Hwy 66 and Hyatt Lake Rd webcam that may help if you’re planning an adventure. There is a Jackson County webcam at the Dead Indian Memorial Summit.

More information on facilities and camping can be found on Jackson County Parks website.  All campgrounds and the resort are now closed for the season and all improved boat ramps inaccessible. The best bank access is near the dam.


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