It's a Whale's World

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by Katie Robertson
(541) 765-2345

We are very happy to report yet another successful day of Whale Watching! The Gray Whale is the most common to spot in the waters off Depoe Bay. We know them as gentle giants today, but in the days of harpooning these animals got the nickname "devilfish" for their aggressive reactions. Of course we know now they are the furthest thing from evil, and I don't blame them for giving the poachers a run for their money. Please continue to support the conservation of whales everywhere by participating in our excursions where you can make a connection with a beautiful creature and become inspired to do your part in protecting them. Give us a call or book your cruise online! 

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (541) 765-2345.

Mr. Max

Captain Brad Haight
Tradewinds Charters
Depoe Bay, OR

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