Summer steelhead fishing continues to be fair

Nestucca River - Pacific, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Fall Chinook fishing in the Nestucca is slow as we are still early for this run, which really doesn’t kick off until mid-September. But some anglers have been fishing the bay, and there are always a few fish caught in the estuary this month.

Summer steelhead fishing continues to be fair. The fish are running big and healthy this season. Fishing for them may be challenging this time of year as conditions are low and clear and the water temperatures are warming up, which can put fish off the bite. Fishing early morning when fish are more active due to cooler temperatures can increase the odds of success. Mornings with a little cloud cover or drizzle are a great time to target these fish, and using either small lures or dark subtle presentations under a small float are effective techniques.

There are fish spread throughout the fishery at this point from the lower river all the way to Elk Creek, and we’ve had some reports of decent numbers holding in deep pools. Reminder: Elk Creek is the deadline for fishing on the Upper Nestucca, and it is closed to all fishing upstream of that point.

Cutthroat fishing can be good in Nestucca basin and should continue to improve as the summer goes on and more sea-runs come into the river. They should be in the bay and the river by this time of year.

The Nestucca is getting low, so only the lower sections will be floatable and drift boaters should expect to have to do some dragging.

ATTENTION: Three Rivers from the Cedar Creek Hatchery weir to the mouth is closed to fishing from July 16 – Sept. 30.

River levels and predictions for the Nestucca are available at here.

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