Fern Ridge Reservoir Report

Fern Ridge Reservoir - Veneta, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

This 9,000-acre lake just 12 miles west of Eugene is the Willamette Basin’s largest water body. The reservoir water level has dropped below the toe-slope of all four boat ramps so launching a boat off a trailer will not be possible until the spring.  

For local information regarding the lake and available boat ramps, contact the Lane County Parks Department at 541-682-2000.

Bass and crappie are available throughout the spring and summer. Look for crappie along the weedy edges on the south side of the reservoir. The south shore around Perkins Peninsula as well as along the face of the dam are good spots. This time of year, fishing will be slow due to the fish’s slower metabolism during the colder months. This is primarily a warmwater fishery, but occasionally anglers can induce fish to bite during colder months. 

There is good bank access at several rest stops and campgrounds, and three seasonal boat ramps.