Snow is blocking access and there's snow at all the lakes

Sky Lakes Wilderness Lakes - Chiloquin, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Snow is blocking access and there's snow at all the lakes. Most lakes will be frozen. The lakes were stocked with 3-inch rainbow trout this year. Many of the larger trout will target these new fish. Rainbow trout Rapalas, Crocodiles, Super Dupers can work really well for these larger fish. ‌

Best lakes to catch fish are Clover, Como, Harriette, Echo, Weston and South Pass in the Mountain Lakes Wilderness and Sonya, Margurette and Isherwood in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. ‌

Best lakes for brook trout are Badger Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness), which is a short hike from Fourmile Lake, and Clover Lake (Mountain Lakes Wilderness).‌

Best lures are typically dark Panther Martin spinners.‌

The biggest trout come from the bigger and deeper lakes of Harriette, Isherwood and Margurette

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OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Reports
for Wednesday, February 7th

Fourmile Lake: The Lake is blocked by snow and is currently 27 percent full
Gerber Reservoir: The reservoir is not frozen
Upper Klamath Lake: The lake is ice-free
Klamath River - Upper - OR: Klamath River Report
Lake Of The Woods: The lake is open water and there will likely be no ice fishing this year
Pilcher Reservoir: As the ice continues to melt, bank fishing opportunities will improve