McKenzie River Fish Report 06-20-07

McKenzie River - Coburg, OR

by The Caddis Fly Shop
(541) 342-7005

Water Condition: River is at a good level above the dam, below the leaburg dam the water is low as EWEB is diverting a ton of water out and into the canal, below Hendrick when the water comes back in the water is fine.

Fishing Condition, Techniques and Hatches: Upper River is good with Possie Buggers, Large Attractors like Parachute Royal Wulff's, Stimulators and Foam Top Madam X's doing well. Lower river having good hatches of Little Yellow Stones, Pale Morning Duns, and Small Caddis.

Comments: Patterns for the Mckenzie. Little Yellow Stones 14-16, Parachute Adams 12-16, Heavy Hackle Parachute Adams #8-14, Foam Top Parchute Madam X Yellow #10, Pale Morning Dun Sparke Dun #16, Yellow Elk Hair Caddis #14-16

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