Metolius River Fish report 06-27-07

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by Rich and Kathy Youngers

Nymphing with?? golden stones and small droppers will continue to provide good action.?????? Pale Morning Duns and Green Drakes are out and?? those Metolius trout are eating them.?? Green Drakes usually hatch between 2pm-5pm.?? In another couple of weeks look for the Golden Stone hatch on the Metolius.

Nymphs: ???? Bead Head Anatomical Green Drake nymph #10, Green Drake nymph #8-12, RS2's (sizes 16-20), #16-20 GB Flashback Pheasant Tails , #14-16 Quigley Cripple (Reddish Brown), #16-18 GB Hares Ear Nymphs,?? #8-#10 Golden Stones.?? #4?? Olive/White Cone Head Double Bunny flies for the Bull Trout.

Dries:?????? Parachute Green Drake #10, Green Drake Dun #10, Green Drake Cripple #8-12, BWO Thorax #16-18, CDC Midge #18-22, PMD Hatch Master #16, PMD Quill Body #16, Quigley's Sparkle Stacker PMD #16-18.

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