Lower Deschutes River has great fishing

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

by The Fly Fishers Place

Its a caddis show for the next couple of months down here.?? During warm weather, be prepared to deep nymph during the day, however, we have been doing well on dries during the day on seams, back eddies, and foam lines using caddis, PMD, attractor dries and emergers.?? You may have to hunt hard for risers during afternoons when it's over 90 degrees.?? Look for dryfly action to pick up considerably once the sun is off the water which is around 6, depending on where you are in the canyon.?? If you don't see risers, move to nymphs as this can be deadly.????In addition, keep an eye out for PMDs and PEDs.?? Mayfly spinners at dusk are a good bet.?? Tan/Brown/Green caddis are hatching as well.?? At those times when multiple mayflies and/or caddis are hatching, try an attractor pattern like a purple haze, purple comparadun, or good ol' parachute adams.?? Nymph with mid-sized stonefly and october caddis point flies and use droppers in the #10-20 range.

STEELHEAD mostly in the Macks to Mouth stretch and these fish are chrome and hot!! Fishable numbers of steelies are as high up as Jones Canyon.?? Above that, there are not enough fish to strictly target steelies, however, I have had reports of steelies hooked while trout fishing at South junction already!

Dries: X-Caddis, Henryville, CDC Caddis, Yellow comparadun, Light Cahill, Rusty Spinner.

Nymphs: Copper John, soft hackles, peasant tail, Angle Case emerger, sparkle pupa, serendipity, prince, green rock worm, swing wooly buggers (on sinking line!!).STEELIES: Green butt skunk, macks canyon, a-leach, wally walker, red-winged blackbird.

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