Middle Deschutes River Fish Report 08-01-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by The Fly Fishers Place

Be on the look out for Rattlers down there, they are active rignt now.?? 93% of the Deschutes flow between Bend and Lake Billy Chinook is diverted for irrigation -- 93%!!?? That being said, daytime stream temps in the summer kills fish.?? Fighting??fish mid-day can definitely kill them no matter how careful you are catching and releasing.?? That being said, if you really want to fish the Middle D, please go for the last hour or two before dark-- that gives the fish all night to recover.?? Unfotunately, this strech is beginning to get loved to death.?? Just a few years ago, the Middle D was a quite spot, now it is rare to have it to yourself so be prepared to see alot more people than your used to.

Dries: Purple Haze, Light Cahill, Renegade, Elk Hair Caddis Nymphs: Prince, Green Rock Worm, soft hackles