North Umpqua River Fish Report 08-08-07

North Umpqua River - Roseburg, OR (Douglas County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Fair/Good (Forecast:Good)
Fishing has been on the slow side on the North' this past week. Although the run is late with 2100 summers passing Winchester (July 15th), North Umpqua guide Dean Finnerty told us that anglers are still getting fish on skaters, but it's an early morning and evening fishery. ??Fishing has been poor between 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm. ??With the 10 day weather forecast calling for sun and high 80's, fishing early and late will hold true.

A quick drive to nearby Steamboat Creek is a great way to spend your midday. ??The creek is closed to all angling but it makes for a memorable sighting spotting hundreds of chrome summers podded together like Alaskan Sockeye. If that doesn't get you fired up, nothing in life will! ??Another great way to prepare your evening outing is to scout the tailouts from the hwy. ??Start fishing your selected spots just as the sun goes off the water.

Best fishing in August is 700 ft upstream from Rock Creek all the way up to Bogus Creek. These summer Steelhead are looking up, a perfect time and place to test??out your new 7 weight spey rod and a wake throwing surface skater. A sparsely tied Low Water Green Butt or Silver Hilton is a great way to follow up should the fish continue to boil but not take your skater.

Keep in mind that weighted flies are not allowed on the North Umpqua. However, weighted lines (sinktips) are now permitted.?? With that being said, skaters and floating lines makes much better conversation at the club house!

Note:?? Two things to remember about the North Umpqua... ??a pair of quality polarized glasses are highly recommended + a pair of Super Stream Cleats ($ 49.95) makes wading on this slick river bottom much easier and safer.

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