Lower Deschutes River Fish Report 08-15-07

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

by The Riffle Fly Shop
(541) 388.3330

Trout: The caddis remain thick and there are often huge clouds present in the evenings as long as it doesn't get too breezy. We are still seeing some PMD and PED hatches and the trout will eat a well placed immitation more often than not. Some of our best fishing has been early (spent caddis and mahogany spinners) and late (emergent sparkle pupa and e/c caddis), but you can do well all day long on dries such as the X-Caddis or E/C Caddis if you concentrate on areas that are well shaded. In the morning nymphing continues to be productive, but with the great surface action why bother throwing nymphs? Stop by the Warm Springs shop to see some of our favorite caddis dries and spent patterns. Water temps are around 56-59 degrees near Warm Springs and the river is still between 3700 and 3800 CFS out of the dam.

Steelhead: There are steelhead in the lower 100 miles of the Deschutes right now! We saw a few more fish landed above whitehorse rapids, but the numbers are only really fishable below the falls at this point. Water temps in the lower rive have dropped by 5 to 7 degrees over the last week and we are seeing AM temps around 61 and PM temps around 66. The drop in water temps has improved dry fly fishing and we found more than a few up top on the last trip below Beavertail.. The counts continue to be extremely good over the dams so it very well may be a banner year for steelhead on the Deschutes! Over 7500 steelhead came over Bonneville yesterday alone! I hope they just keep on coming!

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