Deschutes River Fish report 08-29-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Rich and Kathy Youngers

Fishing during the day has slowed but you still have a chance to get into some decent trout fishing at sunset on Caddis.?? There are a few October Caddis out and about.

Steelhead: Steelhead are dispersed from the mouth upstream to Trout Creek.?? The best steelhead fishing has been from Macks Canyon downstream. Walk in anglers from Heritage Landing have been reporting fari fishing success in the lower river. Anglers should focus their efforts on morning and evening hours, as the sun leaves the river.

Suggested steelhead patterns:?? Summer Run, Green Butt Skunk, Purple Peril, Streetwalker, Freight Train, Purple Articulated Leech, Fly Dejour, Undertaker and Steel Tooka.

Suggested Trout patterns for the month of August.?? Surface Hatches:???? ?? Various Caddis, Ants, Beetles, grasshoppers, and midges.

Patterns:?? Tan and Olive Elk Hair Caddis (Sz 12-18), Dave's Hopper (size 8-12), Parachute Hopper (size 8-12), Turck's Tarantula (size 8-12). Griffith's Gnat (size 14-20), Zebra Midge (size 14-20).

Nymphs:?? Rock Worm, Cased Caddis, Various Nymphs. ???? Patterns:???? Kaufmann's Black?? Stone (Sz 4-8), Golden Stone Nymph (Sz 6-8), Green Rock Worm (Sz 12-16), Cream or Green Cased Caddis (Sz 12-16), Little Green Caddis (Sz 14-18), Tan Deep Sparkle Pupa (Sz 12-14), Emergent Sparkle Pupa (Sz 12-14)?Į??

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