Metolius River Fish Report 09-24-07

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

The daytime temps this week will creep to near 80 degrees, but come Friday, the weather forecast is promising low 60's and showers. With the clouds and showers expect good hatches of BWO, PMD's, and Mahogany Dun's and the second go-around of the Green Drakes. Bear in mind that this Green Drake is slightly smaller than the Green Drakes we saw back in July. Have a wealth of mayfly patterns in various size, colors and stages as Metolius trout are extremely picky.

October Caddis have been spotted as well and will last until early December, but it might be a tad early for the fish to key in on these large Caddis on top. The large Pupa's however contain lot's of protein and a Delektable October Caddis Pupa makes a perfect imitation and great "tool" fly.?? Spotted Sedge is still out as well but will fade as the weather turns cooler. X-Caddis # 14-16 imitates this caddis well.

Bull Trout and Kokanee are on the move upriver from Lake Billy Chinook as they are getting ready to spawn. The Kokanee make a poor game fish when caught in the river (compared to in the Lake), but the Bull's are extra aggro and will eagerly take a large white flashy streamer or leach pattern. A sleeper color is fire engine red.

Lake Billy Chinook near the mouth of the Metolius is a great place to target large Bull Trout. This fishery can be a very productive and the Bull population isone of the best in the lower 48. A boat and a good variety of Sinking lines along with large streamers will turn the trick.

Don't forget your camera as the as the scenery and colors of fall on the Metolius makes for great "Brian O'Keefe-like" photo's.

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