Deschutes River Fish Report 10-18-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Although the Caddis bonanza is tapering off, it's still wise to keep a few stacked in your box. The saddle Caddis is small in size and best imitated with an Elk Hair Caddis in olive or the E/C Caddis # 16-20.?? The Pupa will hatch throughout the day with the majority hatching at dusk. The female are divers and deposits their eggs on the bottom. Take note again, that a Soft Hackle can imitate either the Pupa or the egg laying adult. The pupa is also small and best imitated with an olive or gray caddis pupa #16 or a #16-18 beaded Soft Hackle in orange or black. You can fish either pattern dead drifted with indicator tactics or swinging down and across.

On the other end of the scale is the O-line of caddis, The October Caddis. The adults are not targeted heavily by trout, but again, it would be wise to have a #8 Morrish's October Caddis somewhere in your box. ??Giving your October Caddis some life by wiggling your rod tip slightly can entice strikes from bored fish,??(either Trout or Steelhead).??

Mahogany Dun's are out as well. We fish them in tandem with a #18 E/C Caddis in Olive as the dry-dropper, spaced out 30 inches apart. It's a great way to blind fish.

BWO's are always present. Note that #20-22's and Frog Hair spring creek leaders are needed for best results.

Midges will play a large role as well, especially in the early am or late evening. Midge pupa #20... any color really, fish them in back eddies and slower current seams.

For subsurface, we are fans of fishing a BH October Caddis Pupa # 6-8 as a tool fly, trailing an olive WD40 #18 or a Soft Hackle Bead Thorax in Mahogany #14-18 as a dropper. Other great September bottom draggers consists of; Tungsten GR HE, CDC Prince Nymphs, BH Tailwater Tiny, and Hotwire Caddis in Tan ranging from #14-18.

Its prime time for targeting Steelhead on the Deschutes as weather, water and fishing conditions are perfect!

The White River is running clear as of this morning and is not interfering with hopeful anglers below it's confluence. The water is perfect as well, with flows being around 4300 CFS. The count over Shearer's Falls finally picked up, about 150-200 fish are now accounted for daily. Fish has been caught in good numbers all the way to Warm Springs.

Hiking up from the mouth or taking a mountain bike allows you to get further away from the crowds. Should you bike up from the mouth make sure you have a light on your bike. It makes for a much easier ride on the way out after dark. Check the Jet boat schedule if you are planning on fishing the lower 10 miles of river.??

With cooler water temps in the fall you do not have to baby-sit your favorite run or tailout before sun-up, as fishing will be great all day. The 10 day forecast looks ideal.

With the October conditions being optimal,?? hang on to your floating lines and traditional Steelhead flies in purple ala, Freight Trains size 4-6, Krystal Flash Freight Trains 4-6, Royal Treatment, and Joe Gerts in size 4. The last few weeks has been ideal for skating flies. Look for your glassy tailout and slicks. If you see "large trout" rolling, it's not trout, but happy playful Steelhead waiting for a waking black or burnt orange skater! Should you dare to beef up the size and profile, a Steelhead Mojo size 1?? on a sink-tip will take fish all day. A black or purple Steelhead MOAL or??Fox's Sleech in??black/blue??are??also great weapons.

You are still in the game should you happened to favor the nymph game over the 13+ footers. Using oversized nymphs size #4-10, with white or orange biots are recommended. ??

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