Clackamas River Fish Report 10-02-07

Clackamas River - Estacada, OR (Clackamas County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

The Estacada gauge as of this morning is reading 11.23. The rain over the last few days has the Clackamas at perfect flows for targeting Steelhead in the main steam and Coho's in or around Eagle Creek.

With cooler water temps and rainy skies, you can now enjoy a full day of Steelhead fishing. No need to set your alarm at 4:30 am like you did in July and August. Don't be cute with your fly selection either! This strain likes larger leach-offerings with Black, Dark Blue, Deep Red and of course Purple being colors of choice. With the added aqua, 10-15 foot sink-tips in type 3-6 or sinking Poly Leaders will make the way back into your tip selection.

As far as ideas for flies; Thunderhead Moals, Fox's Sleech and Exasperator's?Ķ. Crush!

With Chinook pairing up and dropping egg's, it's not to early in the year to add a few Glo Bugs to your fly selecting. Steelhead can be found behind Chinook feeding on row. Use larger (10-12 mm) Glo Bug's in Peach and Pink.

Expect great fishing this week for Coho in Eagle Creek. The hatchery holding tank has around 150-200 fish in it as of this a.m. 4-5 fish are moving past the lower ladder every minute or so, with the middle ladder seeing 1-2. With more rain in the forecast Tuesday night, fishing will drastically improve. You will have little luck trying to fish for moving fish. Walk the trails and fish in deeper pools or back eddies. Coho are much different than Steelhead in that regard, as they seldom bite in faster currents. Do not be afraid of your tippet or leader selection. We like 12-15 pound test. Your giant Alaska Chinook flies do not work here, as smaller flashy patterns in Hot Pink, Purple and Cerise are favored. Coho are tail biters, and will chase your fly from behind. Retrieve your fly using fast 12-18 inch strips. If you see fish chasing your flies but not biting, your offering is too large

A total of 16,838 Coho returned last year to the Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery, with even greater numbers predicted to return this year. Call the shop for updates.

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