Metolius River Fish Report 11-19-07

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

The weather has turned cold and wet the last few days, and the 10 forecast suggest the same. This should really spark the BWO hatch and that of cold weather dry fly anglers. Remember to carry a sea of patterns in various sizes as Metolius trout as extremely picky. We have over 30 BWO's patterns and sizes to choose from. Midges will be important dry patterns to have in the box as well. Remember, very long, limp spring creek leaders and 7 X tippet can be a must!

Another method this month is running pale peach Glo-bug (no larger than 6mm) under small white yarn indicators. The Kokanee are dropping eggs and some Bow's will hold below Kokanee redds in anticipation of an easy meal. Roe can drift quickly and far on the fast steady currents of the Met', so extend your drift. No high sticking here. Add a baetis nymph trailer 18 inches below your Glo-Bug for extra firepower.

The Bull Trout in the Metolius are pretty much done spawning, and some will migrate back out to Lake Billy C. Others will stay around however and snack on the flesh of dying Kokanee. An articulated Flesh fly in white and tan makes a perfect match. Large white bunny leeches or a trimmed down Sea Habit Bucktail are your other options for swinging. Erratic movement of your fly will move hungry Bulls from afar.??

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