Wilson River Fish Report 11-27-07

Wilson River - Tillamook , OR (Tillamook County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

The rain is falling as I write this and it should bring in the 1st dash of early strain winter hatchery Steelhead. 40,000 Steelhead smolt of the Alsea River strain were dumped throughout the Wilson a few years ago and the survivors should make their way up the river the next few weeks, with Christmas as peak timing on the run.

Since the smolt were spread out throughout the river system when released, it should make fishing interesting as steelhead tend not to pod together. (Like the NF of the Alsea!!!) ??Steelhead collected in the South Fork trap will be recycled back downstream. Later arrival broodstock and wild fish will start to appear in late January. Out of 100,000 broodstock smolt released, 1-2% are expected to return.

Keep an eye on the flows as best (fly!) fishing will be had with a gauge reading of less than 4.5 on the Wilson gauge. The rain forecasted for this week does not look as if it will blow out the river. Access is great for the walk and wade angler as HWY 6 runs along the river for approx 25 miles. There are plenty of turnouts along highway 6.

These 1st Steelhead of the Alsea River origin are better targeted with glo bugs in various shapes and colors, but will still chase a pink or orange leech if swung slow. ??Milked Alaska style trout beads are highly effective as well, if the water doesn't have too much color.

Chinook are spawning in the main steam, but fresh fish will continue to trickle in throughout December and even on into January. It takes skill and patience with a fly rod, but it's an untapped fishery that's right in our back yard. Using sinktips and chartreuse intruder style flies will do the trick. Seek deeper holes or deep seems. Cast out and retrieve your fly with 10 inch strips.

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