Grande Ronde River Fish Report 12-08-07

Grande Ronde River - Colville, OR (Union County)

by The Fly Fishers Place

When the water is in shape and temps haven't turned the river into a slushy mess, folks have been consistently hooking 4 - 6 steelies PER DAY ! ??Yes people, that is the honetst truth.

I can't stress enough how important water levels are here.?? This time of year, the river can be really low which keeps steelies from entering the river in large numbers and tends to keep fish already in the river stationary.?? Sooo, keep an eye on river levels... the perfect time would be just after some rain when the river is just getting back into shape.?? Swinging flies tends to be more productive than nymphing.

FLIES:?? Standard steelie flies.?? Deschutes flies work well here.

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