Applegate River - Applegate, OR


The Applegate River closed to steelhead and trout fishing on March 31. Trout season will again reopen on May 22, with only hatchery trout allowed for retention. All other fishing is closed while steelhead/trout season is closed. This includes catch-and-release fishing or fishing for other species such as bass or pikeminnow.  Smolts are out-migrating and there are mainstem spawning adults present.  

On April 8, 132 winter steelhead were collected in the trap at the base of Applegate Reservoir. Hatchery staff are making weekly checks out here. A total of 158 fish have returned thus far this season, well below the average. Fish are still coming, and likely still in the mainstem Rogue, but the final count is expected to be well below average. Again, the mainstem Applegate River is now closed to all fishing below Applegate Dam to the confluence with the Rogue.

Access on the Applegate can be difficult. It’s up to you to know landownership and not trespass. There is good public access around the Hwy 199 bridge, Fish Hatchery Park, Cantrall Buckley Park, upstream of Murphy, and near McKee Bridge. There are also scatterings of BLM lands in the upper river around McKee Bridge. You can check the flows on the Applegate for the most current water conditions. Last updated 4/14/21.

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