Winter steelhead typically start to show up in the Alsea River at the end of November

Alsea River - Alsea, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Fall Chinook fishing has slowed down on the Alsea with the recent high water and most of the fish are headed to the spawning grounds upstream of the salmon deadlines. There are still a few fish around and will provide some opportunity through mid-November, but things are slowing down for the 2021 season. The lower portion of the river below Five Rivers is the best chance to catch a bright Chinook at the end of the season.

***Reminder*** There is no wild coho retention in the Alsea for the 2021 season. Please practice good catch-and-release for wild coho, keep them in the water and release immediately.

Winter steelhead typically start to show up in the Alsea River at the end of November and early December. The recent high water should have a few fish heading for the hatchery located on the NF Alsea. No reports of any winter steelhead being caught yet and no fish have returned to the hatchery as of late. The first few fish should start to arrive any day now. Time to get the gear out for winter steelheading.

***Reminder*** The popular NF Alsea steelhead fishery is closed until Dec. 1. The mainstem Alsea is open for steelhead fishing up to the forks as of Nov. 1 but the NF Alsea doesn’t open until Dec 1.

Trout fishing in streams closed on Oct. 31.

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