The summer Steelhead run is about over

Rogue River- Upper - Medford, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

The summer Steelhead run is about over with only a handful of fish making it to the hatchery this last week. Only 2 winter fish have arrived at the hatchery, and there isn’t a lot to pull them up at this time. Down-runner summer fish are probably showing more. 

Plugs from a drift boat may still land you a late summer fish, or early winter fish. If drifting bait, smaller presentation are your best bet. 

Wild winter steelhead can now be retained as long as they are a minimum size of 24 inches. Only 1 wild fish can be harvested per day as part of the daily limit, and 3 wild fish in aggregate for the year in the Rogue and other waterbodies of the SW zone where wild steelhead may be harvested. Consult the 2022 sportfishing regulations and SW zone for more information. 

For the week of Feb. 8, 10 new summer steelhead entered the ladder bringing the year’s total to 3,160 fish. No new winter Steelhead entered the hatchery. There are 2 winter fish in the hatchery from Jan. 26. 

Best bets for the upper river would be concentrating on the area between Shady Cove and Touvelle. The Dodge Bridge guage was reading 1,050 cfs / 2.81 feet. The McCloud gage at 969 cfs/ 1.59 ft. Flows from the dam were 907 cfs and 41 degrees. You can check all the USGS Rogue gauges here.

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