Currently flows are around 4,600 cfs at the Waterloo gauge

Santiam River (South Fork) - Sweet Home, OR (Linn County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Fishing is generally best when flows are below 3,000 cfs. Currently flows are around 4,600 cfs at the Waterloo gauge as of May 2. Winter steelhead numbers are improving but are still low. Anglers can tell winter steelhead from hatchery summer steelhead by their intact adipose fin. Take care to release any wild fish unharmed. Hatchery chinook should begin arriving in good numbers by mid-May.

About 150 summer steelhead have already crossed into the upper Willamette Basin at Willamette Falls, hopefully the forerunners of many more. Peak fishing for them is between May and July.

Anglers are reminded that only fin-clipped trout may be kept.

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for Wednesday, May 3rd
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Fourmile Lake: Snow is blocking access into Fourmile Lake
Gerber Reservoir: The reservoir is 50 percent full.
John C Boyle Reservoir: The reservoir is ice-free
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Lake Of The Woods: The lake will probably not be stocked this week due to ice
Phillips Reservoir: Reservoir is 25 percent full
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Thief Valley Reservoir: Thief Valley Reservoir is full and has been stocked with trout
Wood River: Fishing was fair on opening day
Diamond Lake: Ice still lingers on Diamond Lake
Emigrant Reservoir: Emigrant is 65 percent full and multiple boat ramps are usable now
Fish Lake : Fish Lake is at 48 percent full
Howard Prairie Reservoir: Howard Prairie is at 37 percent full
Rogue River - Middle: Current flow is around 2,900 cfs
Rogue River- Upper: The release from Lost Creek Reservoir is in the 880 cfs vicinity
Umpqua River: Fishing conditions on the mainstem Umpqua are looking good this week
Alsea River: Trout fishing will reopen on May 22
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