Deshutes River Fish Report 06-08-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Rich and Kathy Youngers

The big bugs are out in numbers from Warm Springs down to Trout Creek.  Trout are eating them quite well in the late afternoon.   Nymphing in the morning hours has been good on small mayfly nymphs.    Fish are taking Norm Wood Specials, Clark Stones, Rogue Giants and Sofa Pillows.   There have been strong hatches of  Pale Morning Dun and Pale Evening Duns. Caddis activity in the evenings.  A few Green Drakes are out also. 

Suggested Trout patterns for the month of June.  Surface Hatches:   Golden Stones, Salmonflies, Spotted Caddis, Pale Evening Duns, Green Drakes, Little Yellow Stones  and  Pale Morning Duns. 

Patterns:    Kyle's King Kong Stone #4, Rogue Giants #4, Norm Wood Special #6-8, Sofa Pillows #4, Clark Stones #6, Olive bodied CDC Caddis #12-14,  Olive bodied Elk Hair Caddis, Pale Evening Sparkle Dun #12-16, #10, Yellow Body Sallie #14, ,  BWO Sparkle Dun #14, Almost Dun #16-20. 

Nymphs:  Rock Worm.    Patterns:   Beadhead Prince (size 12-14), Kaufmann Stones (sizes 6-10), Red Fox Squirrel nymph #12-14, Zug Bug (size 14), Green Rock Worm (size 12-14), Pheasant Tail (size 16-18), or Sparkle Larva (size 12-14).

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