McKenzie River Fish Report 06-13-07

McKenzie River - Coburg, OR

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Mid-June Menu: PMD's, Yellow Sallies, small Caddis with some larger browns, a handful of Golden Stones and a chance to see some Green Drakes. The latter two bugs are going to be petering out here shortly, however we have a summer of Caddis and PMD's ahead to look forward to. Stay tuned for developments as they materialize!

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Deschutes River FIsh Report 06-13-07
Deschutes River
PMD's and PED's are the two big mayfly opportunities.??Cloudy days can bring forth a mayfly bonanza, drawing a few BWO's, Mahoganies and Greed Drakes to enter the fray. Assorted Caddis are around with several stages to be prepared for (particularly the pupa, adult/egg-layers), and Yellow Sallies are set to mean business any day now. PATTERNS: Caddis ~??Mangy Pooper Bright Green, Brown #14; Hotwire Caddis Amber, Olive #14-#16; Silvey's Primetime Pupa #14-#16; Edible Emerger Olive, Tan #14; CDC Caddis Emerger Brown #14; Micro Caddis...... Read More

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