Lower Deschutes River Fish Report 07-18-07

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

by The Fly Fishers Place

Its a caddis show for the next couple of months down here.?? The cooler weather expected for this week should improve the dry fly fishing during the day.?? We have been doing well on dries during the day on seams, back eddies, and foam lines using caddis, PMD, and attractor dries and emergers.?? If you don't see risers, move to nymphs as this can be deadly.????In addition, keep an eye out for PMDs and PEDs.?? Mayfly spinners at dusk are a good bet.?? Tan/Brown/Green caddis are hatching as well.?? At those times when multiple mayflies and/or caddis are hatching, try an attractor pattern like a purple haze, purple comparadun, or good ol' parachute adams.?? Nymph with smaller stuff in the #10-20 range.

Dries: X-Caddis, Henryville, CDC Caddis, Yellow comparadun, Light Cahill, Rusty Spinner.

Nymphs: Copper John, soft hackles, peasant tail, Angle Case emerger, sparkle pupa, serendipity, prince, green rock worm, swing wooly buggers (on sinking line!!).

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