Metolius River Fish Report 07-18-07

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Metolius is a great place to fish on hot days, this spring feed river stays around 47-52 degrees year round and it fishes like a spring creek! ??Averaging 1-3 fish an hour is the norm.?? Have patience... it takes quality time on the water to get a feel for this river's complex character.?? Patience will eventually lead to fishing success.?? This is a stalking trout stream, casting from your knees and behind bushes to hide yourself from fish will help out.?? Wading often spooks fish, if you can hit the spot without getting in the river, you are a step ahead already.?? Green Drakes are gone now, but GOLDEN STONES emerging. ??The stone hatch on the Met is very different than the Deschutes.?? This is a long, drawn out hatch that will last pretty much until nighttime temps are near freezing again.?? So you generally don't see huge clouds of goldens but they linger around in large enough numers to keep the fish's attention. Goldens are mostly an opprotunity meal and fish can move on and off them on a whim.?? However, the area around Camp Sherman provides plenty of opprotunity.?? Keep in mind that only about 1 out of 10 stones that emerge are orange salmonflies.?? PMDs can hatch intermitently throughout the afternoon and evening, trout tend to focus on caddis in the evening, Mayfly spinners at dark.?? BWOs will still hatch on cool, cloudy days and be on the look out for them at dark as well. Yellow Sallies and small Green Stone flies are present and the fish can move on and off them too.?? Bull Trout get sluggish in the summer so concentrate your efforts when the sun is off the water, especially morning.?? Remember, prime trout fishing is between noon and dark, sleep in!

DRIES: Clark's Stone, x-caddis, spotlight emerger, rusty spinner, CDC Baetis, Henryville.????NYMPHS: Moab stone, Triple-Bead Golden, Batman, green rock worm, serendipity, sparkle pupa BULL TROUT: the biggest and heaviest streamer you got

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