Hood River Fish Report 11-19-07

Hood River - Hood River, OR (Hood River County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

We usually start paying attention to the Hood River with the 1st steep increase in water flow in November. Late arriving Summer Steelhead holding in the Columbia will finally head upstream. With freezing levels on the mountain going up this week, the Hood should clear by next week, and we predict fishing to be good from here on out. Best fishing on the Hood is considered when conditions are less than 1000 CFS and dropping. By mid December the Hood will see the 1st dash of dime bright winter fish. What a combo!

Swingin' with Purple A' leeches on a floating line or type 3 will do for the swing guys. Dead drifting a Glo-Bug such as BH Lifter's and Lifter's will be the bread and butter for the "drift" fisherman. The access on the Hood' is limited to only 4 miles (below the Hood River Dam), and should the North coast rivers be blown out expect East Side Metro anglers to be seen on the Hood.

We only have a few more years before the removal of the Hood River Dam. (2010) It could take years after the removal before fishing resumes, so until then learn this river as it's only an hour from Portland.

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