Cinnamon Teal

Photo Credit: Photo by Dave Budeau

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

It's Waterfowl Wednesday: Cinnamon Teal

Features: Features: Male cinnamon teal in breeding plumage have a cinnamon-red head, neck, breast and belly. Like blue-winged teal, they have a bright patch of iridescent green on the rear of the wing and a bright blue patch on the front of the wing. They also have a black bill, yellow legs and feet, and a distinctive red eye. Female and young male cinnamon teal are often confused with female blue-winged teal. While they generally have a warmer brown tone to their plumage than do blue-wings, the coloration of the wings is identical so the presence of a blue patch on the wing cannot be used to separate the species.

Habitat: Prefer shallow, alkaline lakes where they dabble on aquatic plans.

Techniques: Most cinnamon teal in Oregon are taken in eastern Oregon in the early season. They are not common enough to be targeted specifically, and are an occasional part of a mixed duck bag.

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